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Public Transit


Public Transit Infrastructure Grant Fund Program (PTIG) Application Instructions

Transit systems designated under Iowa Code Chapter 324A are eligible to apply for public transit infrastructure projects.

Public Transit Infrastructure Grant Program: This program includes new construction, reconstruction/major renovation and relocation of facilities. Projects may include, but are not limited to, facilities for the administration of public transit operations, facilities for servicing, maintenance or storage of public transit vehicles, transit vehicle fueling facilities, passenger waiting facilities, and reconstruction/major renovations or relocation of existing administrative or maintenance facilities to correct violations of safety or design standards. Projects may include all associated design, land acquisition, grading and foundation work. State share is up to 80 percent with a maximum of 40 percent of the total state appropriation. Combined state and federal funds cannot exceed 80 percent of the total transit cost. Local participation will be considered when prioritizing projects. Both new and rehabilitation projects will be funded each year. Projects must be obligated within 6 months of contract execution and completed in 18 months.

Legal Name of Applicant: Enter the name of the agency submitting the project proposal.

Contact Person: Enter the name of the person that the Office of Public transit staff should contact if there are any questions on the submitted materials.

Title: Enter the position held by contact person.

Address: Enter the street address or post office box number, city, state and ZIP code.

Telephone: Enter the phone number of contact person.

Email Address: Enter the Email address of contact person.

General Project Cost Information: Include funding amounts for each category, and if applicable, name(s) of the other funds available.

Description of the proposed project: Provide a detailed description of the proposed project.

Justification of the proposed project, including anticipated benefits to the transit program: Provide a detailed justification of the proposed project, and if there are benefits to the transit program anticipated as a result of implementing the proposed project, please describe the benefits.

Proposed implementation schedule: Provide the anticipated project schedule.

Attach the following documents to your project proposal:
  • Cost information including total project cost and itemized breakdown of project components (including transit vs. non-transit costs)
  • A statement of the applicant's ability to complete the project
  • A sketch of the project
  • Public Transit Infrastructure Authorizing Resolution
  • Proof the project is contained in the local Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) (include the Transit Element of your local TIP)
  • Public hearing documentation (copy of notice, affidavit of publication and proceedings/transcript/minutes)
  • If the project has a completed feasibility study, submit a copy with the PTIG application
Signature of Authorized Representative: The legal signatory for the transit system acknowledges the above information is accurate to the best of his/her knowledge, the transit system has the required non-federal match and is prepared to proceed with implementation of the project upon grant approval.

Printed Name: Print name exactly as signed.

Title: Title of authorized signatory.

Date: Date project proposal form was completed.

Applications due: First business day of May.

Completed application materials should be submitted through BlackCat no later than the first business day of May.
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